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Smart Payments

Instant payments on timesheet submission

Full Insurance Coverage

PI, PL, Credit insurance, health insurance for your backup

Contractor Accounting

Registration, setup and fully managed accounting

Effortless & Efficient

Simple paperless process, fast turn-around time, no setup fee

All-in-One Solution for Contractors

Contract management, tax and payment solutions across Europe

Contracting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world as a preferred alternative to traditional employment. But if you’re a contractor or a Recruiting Agency based in Europe, you need to be aware of the legal risks…

Contractor risks are real, not theoretical

  • Independent contractor status is fragile, and continually under attack in European courts
  • Contract and tax laws vary considerably from country to country and are in continual flux as they are updated
  • Add in a cross-border context, and the complexity of legal issues becomes a minefield

Tax and social security agencies are increasingly target contractor classification in their audits. These audits are becoming more frequent and more targeted with the development or modern technology.

You need to protect yourself !

The solution?

Allow Gamut Financial Services to manage these risks for you. We have the expertise, the know-how and the experience.

Find out how to avoid risks and to be fully compliant

Contracting: Key Solutions


No Company Registration Cost


No Share Capital Required

Limited Company

Scalable solution

There are no two contractors that are the same. Every individual’s affairs differ depending on their personal situation. We formulate unique packages to suit individual circumstances, thereby maximizing personal returns.

What are the pros and cons of each solution? What do most contractors do? Find out which is the right solution for you

Get Paid More and Faster

Why Contractors Love Our Smart Payments

With our Smart (Early) Payment options Contractors can:

  • Be paid right away and not weeks later
  • Be paid strictly on time since there is no dependency on Agency’s payment terms
  • Be confident they receive their payment under any circumstances
  • Be fully covered by insurance from any unfortunate scenarios  
  • Plan budget since they know exactly when they are paid
  • Save time & effort on chasing the payment, since they know they will be paid and when
  • Reduce stress –  due to all the above

Now that we introduced Smart Payments, we have seen a growing increase in customer satisfaction in many ways:

  • significantly increased cashflow
  • all risks excluded & payment 100% guaranteed under any circumstances
  • up to 40% time saved on payment-related inquiries
  • the price of the service is among lowest on the market

Over 35% additional value per contract!


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More Repeated Business for Recruitment Professionals

Stand Out from the Crowd and Offer Unsurpassed Service to your Clients

With Gamut Financial Services you can stand out from the recruitment crowd. Working with us you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You’ll have the ability to provide a comprehensive tax, social security and contract management service which will increase income for your clients
  • You’ll have more time to focus on your own core business functions
  • You’ll get repeat business. Experience has shown us that contractors whose tax and social security management is outsourced to Gamut Financial Services are more likely to return to you for future placements.  Learn More

Maximize the Partner Experience

Place your Contractors Faster Than Your Competitors

We understand how hard you work to make a placement, that is why we take complete care of each of your contractors to accelerate and ensure the placement happens.

In our partner package we have it all covered (and more):


Legal Compliance



Contractor payments on timesheet submission



Generous PL, PI and credit insurance



Quick Turnaround for hot placements



Member-only discounts & knowledge circle


Our Partnership Program is geared to successfully help companies expand their contractor activity in Europe. We simplify the process by taking away the administrative burden and in its place offer compliance, speed and discretion.

Your benefits at a glance:


Place your contractors faster than your competitors



Become a preferred provider due to early & fast payments



Outsource admin and compliance



Reduce almost all complaints related to payments



Get more returned customers and referrals - more business!


About Gamut Financial Services

Gamut Financial Services is a client-focused, solutions-oriented contract management company. Based in Switzerland, our team of international experts delivers compliant and tax efficient payroll solutions that are tailored to suit your individual situation. We are bound by Swiss confidentiality laws and codes of practice, assuring utmost privacy and peace of mind.