Financial stability in a fast moving world

Contract management, tax and payment solutions for contractors across Europe

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Financial stability in a fast moving world


A safe choice for contractors

Our expertise in tax and contract management ensures peace of mind that you’ll be paid as much as possible, on time, in accordance with the law.   Our Swiss location provides you with many advantages… Learn more

Added value to agencies

With Gamut Financial Services you can stand out from the recruitment crowd, providing a comprehensive tax, social security and contract management service that increases income for your clients. Learn more


Working with Gamut Financial Services guarantees:

Peace of mind

We have years of experience developing solutions for individuals that maximise returns by minimising tax using legally acceptable methodologies.

As a contractor, working with us you will benefit from:

  • Accurate, timely payments
  • Relief from administrative burden
  • Logistical banking support
  • Agency communications support
  • No hidden costs

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Total reliability

By outsourcing tax, social security and payroll management functions to Gamut Financial Services, you, as a recruitment agencyor employer can retain focus on your own core business functions.

Our primary goal is to maximise the financial returns of your contractors within the constraints of local country tax laws, and to relieve them of the administrative hassle associated with cross-border contracting.

Experience shows that contractors whose tax and social security management is outsourced to Gamut Financial Services are more likely to return to you for future placements. Learn More

About Gamut Financial Services

Gamut Financial Services is a client-focused, solutions-oriented contract management company. Based in Switzerland, our team of international experts delivers compliant and tax efficient payroll solutions that are tailored to suit your individual situation. We are bound by Swiss confidentiality laws and codes of practice, assuring utmost privacy and peace of mind.

Some more great reasons to choose Gamut Financial Services

Flexible Invoicing

Timesheets are usually submitted monthly but we’re happy to accommodate whatever frequency suits you.

Express Transfers

We provide express (same day) transfers at a small additional cost – it is all part of the bespoke service you receive as our client

Legal Compliance

We will help you to maximise returns by minimising tax, ensuring that we keep abreast of all legal regulations.

Liability Insurance

You are in safe hands.
But just in case something goes wrong, you know we are covered.

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